Industrial IoT.
out of the box. customizable.

Custom-tailored Industrial IoT without the risk of in-house development.
Just install, parameterize, and start right away with your Connected Factory.

Your Benefits

  • Production Ready

    We deliver a fully tested and functional platform that you can use to connect to your machines and gain access to your production data straight away.
    You save time and money with a minimal setup time. Focus on your data while Codabix provides fast and robust data transport.

  • Highly Customizable

    As an engineering-driven company, we understand the importance of tailor-made solutions. As an engineering-led company, we understand the importance of tailor-made solutions. Modern interfaces offer the possibility to put your own processes in place. So you can follow your company's internal requirements and specifications with ease.

  • Integration Support

    You need help to set up connections to your devices, databases, or services? We provide technical advice and engineering support. Let us have your back on the challenges of digital transformation.

  • Industrial Reliability

    After more than 25 years of experience in the field of industrial communication, we are aware of the challenges and problems that your applications have to conquer in the everyday life of industrial automation. To ensure a flawless 24/7 operation we pay severe attention to the stability and compatibility of our software.

  • Cloud Ready

    Regardless of whether you use your private cloud or trust one of the big providers — using our official Codabix Docker Images you can process your machine data in the cloud.

  • Qualified Support

    We are very interested in learning from the applications and challenges of our customers. This allows us to continuously adapt and improve our products. For this reason, we provide qualified support from our developers.

  • Periodical Updates

    Codabix is under constant development. We are always keen on hearing about your use cases to be able to improve and extend the software. In this way, we can provide you with updates containing bug fixes and new features on a regular basis.

Features Overview

Extensive OPC UA Features

We use our own OPC UA SDK for .NET that is trusted by customers all over the world.

Guaranteed Connectivity

Codabix supports a variety of protocols to enable you to connect your devices, databases and services.

Headless Operation

The Command Line Interface and REST API allow the seamless integration into your own products.

Historical Data

Automatic data acquisition at the touch of a button und access over all interfaces.


Codabix optimizes every data access and saves the resources of devices and networks.

Interface Modelling

Via Drag & Drop you can model the data structure of the built-in OPC UA server in the graphical Node explorer.

Online Scripting

Implement every type of logic by using a modern and typesafe scripting language.

Plugin System

Minimize the system requirements by installing only the components you need.

Rollenbasierte Zugriffskontrolle

You have fine-grained control over the actions a user or service can perform on each datapoint.

Configuration Import/Export

The configuration can be exported and imported as backup file or XML file at any time.

Node Based Data Model

“Everything is a Node” – The only thing you have to know is a Node.

Platform Independent

Maximize the portability and compatibility of your application by deploying Codabix on every layer of your production infrastructure.


Industrial IoT Icon

Industrial IoT


  • 5 Device Connections
  • 5 Inbound OPC UA Connections

12 Months Support & Updates

Industrial Edge Icon

Industrial Edge


  • 5 Device Connections
  • 5 Inbound OPC UA Connections
  • 5 Exchange Connections
  • Script Plugin

12 Months Support & Updates

Industrial Data Hub Icon

Industrial Data Hub


  • 50 Device Connections
  • 50 Inbound OPC UA Connections
  • 50 Exchange Connections
  • Script Plugin

12 Months Support & Updates

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